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How do you create enough energy to reach your goals?

It's the start of a new year and we all optimistically have set goals ( or maybe we haven't 😉). I've certainly set my intentions and it's reminded of a concept that I recently read which has been playing on my mind.

In ‘Big Magic’ , Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the energetic life-form of ideas. She believes ideas have a purpose to be manifested. To do this they need a human form to take action and help with this manifestation. This human form is us! We need to take the idea and make it happen. Link to article here.

Elizabeth believes that the idea comes to you and it must be acted upon. If you aren’t the person to do this, then the idea will find someone new.

I love this story and when I read it, I remember calling out to my current idea and asking it to stay with me. "Give me time to get myself together." I didn’t want it to move onto the next person.

In this way, I wondered about why we don’t act on our big ideas. Why don’t we do the things that we want to do? There’s 3 things that I hear from clients that stop them from achieving their goals.

  1. You don’t have clarity on your vision

  2. You don’t have a big enough why to achieve this vision

  3. You don’t take action

If you aren’t ready for the opportunity, if you aren’t brave enough to take action, if fear stands in your way, then no matter what great idea you have, you won’t have the drive or courage or reason to take action. The idea will have to move on so that it can be deliver on its purpose.

If you take a moment to think about some of your ideas, goals, ambitions, what have you acted on and why haven’t you? What stood in your way? Was it a limiting belief that you weren’t good enough, was it about living life with a scarcity mindset? What ever the reason this is limiting your ability to live your life on purpose.

If you have a passion to achieve an idea, I’m here to help you take that journey. I’m trained as a CTC Master Therapist. CTC stands for Combined Therapy Cocktail and is fondly know as Cut the Crap. It’s a mix of modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnotic language, reiki energy healing and neuro-linguistic programming. By combining these modalities in just the right way, we can release all that holds you back from the level of mind, body and spirit, in just one session. That’s what makes it transformative.

I use CTC to support you living your life on purpose as this requires a coordinated well-being focus. Whether it be your physical, mental, spiritual or emotional well-being. It is designed to free you of fears, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and anything that holds you back. It also works on the emotional causes for aches, pains and illnesses.

Energy healing is a holistic practice based on resetting the body’s energy systems to remove blocks. This is based on the principle that we are all energetic beings. So incorporating Elizabeth’s concept that ideas are disembodied energy life-forms, it makes sense that we need to be in our optimum energy space to make the most of the idea.

So you can see that there is great potential for you to achieve when you have optimal energetic health.

If you’d like to know more, if you feel that you are held back by your fears, I’d love to have a discussion on what could be possible for you. Feel free to book in for a complimentary 30-minute healing consultation session to start that discussion - email . If you or someone you know in your network would like to explore healing, then please feel free to pay forward this opportunity.

In love and light,



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