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Living in your Genius space

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

This week's post started with a conundrum a client had presented on why they were handsomely rewarded for a job they do but they aren't happy. I recommended that they read 'The Big Leap' from Gay Hendricks. This book is about the areas we play in as we live life. We talked through some of the key concepts which I'm replaying below.

Gay presents 4 zones that we can exist in and play in.

1. Zone of Incompetence - this is where others can really do things better than me. You want me to build a pool? Well that is my zone of incompetence and I plainly accept I would need to outsource this job to someone way more skilled than me.

2. Zone of Competence - this is where I can do it but I'm not super skilled at it and really, others can do it just as well and in much less time because it is their zone of Genius .For example, I painted my front door during Covid lock down. It took me hours because I wasn't efficient at it.

3. Zone of Excellence - this is the tricky one. You are well paid and well rewarded in this job but it is not necessarily your passion space. It is hard to move on from here because the rewards are so high but in your heart, you know there is something more for you to do!

4. Zone of Genius - this is where we all want to be. In this space, you are in a role that your unique skills and capabilities are used and you are ecstatic about what you do each day. Doesn't that sound like a great place to be?

I found this great infographic that is a great visual way of understanding each of the spaces.

So why does this matter?

In the Zone of Genius, we are in flow, we are in harmony with ourselves and our life purpose. It is from this great space, that we can deliver on our purpose, using our unique talents that only we bring to the world.

The key messages from this book are that most people go through life believing that they are only allowed a limited amount of happiness and success. But this isn't true. Sometimes we know that we aren't where we want to be but we don't know what to do next? You may need to take 'A Big Leap' to discover that there's an unlimited supply of happiness and success for each and every person willing to overcome their fears.

This is where you need to do something different and in this space, I can help. We all have fears and limiting beliefs. No matter how successful we are, at each level more fears can emerge. As a Master Therapist of CTC and Mindset Coach, I help you to overcome the limiting beliefs, the self-sabotage techniques and the blocks we put in our own way. There are ways around this, you just need to want to do it.

If you want to know more about what I do and if it is right for you, then please reach out NOW. Don't wait, your big leap is waiting for you to take massive action. Will you try and live that fulfilling life that you deserve?

In love and light


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