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The 3 C's for coping with change

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

So here we are, restrictions are easing a little and we are starting to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is still uncertainty in the timing and how it will happen but with children approved to re-attend school in person, we see that there is some future past the COVID-19 self-isolation.

This may give us a chance to reflect on what we've done and observed in others in response to the self-isolation.

A client recently asked me,

"why have some people moved faster than others?"

These 3 attributes were discovered to be the key reasons for why people thrive under stress.




The study of the American Illinois Bell Telephone company lasted 12 years. By chance, the company went through a massive deregulation and the study was able to review the impacts.

They found that two-thirds of the employees in the study suffered significant performance, leadership and health declines as the result of the extreme stress.

The other third actually thrived! This group shared key beliefs that helped them turn adversity into advantage. They looked to the change using the beliefs of commitment, control and challenge attitude. With these beliefs, they wondered how to make sense of what they could do.

Each of these beliefs supported them in different ways.

  • commitment - they strived to be involved in events instead of feeling isolated

  • control - they tried to influence outcomes rather than lapse into passivity and powerlessness

  • challenge - they viewed the stress changes as opportunities for new learning

So the results from this study shows that "these attributes enhances performance, leadership, conduct, stamina, mood and both physical and mental health by giving people the courage and capability to turn adversity to advantage". So if we reflect on these results, it may help us to understand why some people have thrived in the COVID-19 event and others haven't.

Since self-isolation, I have seen coaches who have successfully launched new programs, personal trainers who have developed international markets and other businesses that have diversified their businesses. At the same time, we all know of businesses that have closed doors and lost revenue overnight.

If you consider this in your own situation, do you feel you stepped up with commitment, control and a challenge attitude? The good news is that these skills are learnt and there are opportunities for you to do things differently. Tomorrow is always another day.

If you feel that you want to know more, please contact me and book in a 30 minute complimentary discussion.

In love and light



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