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Is it possible to have it all?

After hearing a podcast recently, I was inspired to read Tiffany Dufu's book "Drop the ball". It was an eye opener. Tiffany's book goes through the process of before children and how to balance life after children, particularly with a career for both partners.

It forced me to ask the question of myself. Is it possible to have it all? How do I foster the most important relationships in the world (my family) when I'm working, being a present mother, studying a subject I love and keeping all the irons burning on the home front without rolling into a ball and hiding away from it all?

Tiffany's explained some home truths that I have been putting into action.

  1. How to truly delegate a task and give away my need to control. For example, when I ask the kids to make a dish for dinner, I don't stipulate what they can include or exclude - I explain I want a healthy accompaniment to the meal and they can go for it.

  2. A reminder to keep up the gratitude and positive affirming to those around me. My husband and I work as a team and sometimes I forget to tell him I'm truly grateful for his actions. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

  3. A reminder of what my purpose is in life and what I want on my headstone. Focusing on how to enable transformation in people and seeing everyone with my eyes open. This is where my purpose and passion meet.

I loved this book and recommend it to any woman who is passionate about cultivating equal relationships in their life and providing inspiration to other women around them.



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