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9 tips to achieve the concept of 'whole'

In this crazy COVID-19 environment, I've been thinking about what it means to prioritise self- care as a ‘whole’ being. This has come up for a few clients recently, as this experience has lead people to feel more overwhelmed by their emotions than usual. It’s important to have strategies in place to manage these emotions as they arise. For wellness as a whole being, these strategies should cover Mind, Body & Spirit healing.

If I asked you if you regularly look after yourself, many people would say that their self-care is to slow down, rest or go to a spa. But this might only be a physical release. If the thoughts continue to swirl in your mind, then it is not a 'whole' resting experience.

This is why the healing of mind, body and spirit is so important. And it is in this context that we talk about the whole person.

Why does this matter?

If there is trauma this needs to be healed. Our minds and bodies work together in such a way that any thought we have, whether it is positive or negative, reflects in how we look and feel. So we need to ensure we repair the body, the mind and the spirit. From this healing you are 'whole'. From this place your conscious and subconscious thoughts are in alignment with the life you want to live.

Here's an example. A recent client came to see me after a bike accident. He healed the sores but started wearing long sleeve shirts, shirts buttoned to the top and long pants regardless of the weather. This was an attempt to protect themselves. Obviously the body had healed but not the mind. Working on the mind and spirit alignment in a CTC session worked on healing these

So if you want to live a purposeful life, consciously choose to heal your trauma or hurts through the process of mind, body, spirit to ensure that the wholeness we are born is the foundation for living the life we want to create.

Here's 9 tips to work towards mind - body - soul alignment


  • Meditation - the scientifically proven benefits are immeasurable. They help to resolve trauma, quiet the mind, gain insights. If you are new, try the meditations I have on my website. There are also so many other free apps that you can use.

  • Mindfulness - Stay in present time. When you worry about the future or the past, you give away your power from today. To be the best you can be, you need to be mindful.

  • Affirmations - These really work! Match the feeling with the words and come from that place. Use my affirmation list and do them at least once a day.


  • Diet - What you consume nourishes your mind. There are many more people who are specialists in this area, so please refer to them but I also know that we know our bodies and we know what makes them rock or sick. Listen to your body!

  • Exercise - Move every day. Your physical health is important for your heart, physical stamina and very importantly your mood. If you don't feel like formal exercise, then spend time dancing or walking. In this space, allow for more moments of gratitude.

  • Sleep - this is so important. Practice night time routines that help you sleep. Notice if you dream or not. Try a meditation at the end of the day to help you unwind.


  • Gratitude - A gratitude journal every day helps you to focus on the good in life. If you are feeling down, take a moment to think of 3 things that you are grateful for. Even in tough moments, as yourself how does this help you grow?

  • Heart Centred - Speak from your heart and treat others as you would like to be treated. Such a simple concept but it takes practice and focus. But it's worth it! When you use heart intelligence, you can elicit a peaceful start that positively affects you and others.

  • Intuition - we are all intuitive beings. When you are in gratitude and heart centred, listen to some of the 'gut' feelings you receive. This could be your intuition talking. The more you listen, the stronger it will become. Have some fun here, ask questions that you want answered. You may be surprised to hear back!

These are simple ideas that you can start today. When you see yourself as a whole being instead of parts of a whole, the philosophy of the 'whole' person makes perfect sense.

If you would like to know more or inquire about healing for yourself, please send me a message .

In love & light



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