Why this may be the best time to face your fears

Updated: May 7, 2020

To kick-start the year, I had been thinking - what would I do if fear wasn’t part of my life? What if I put the fear aside and did what I really wanted to do? I faced a fear and posted my first video on this blog.

I learnt 3 things

  • it's not as scary as I thought

  • it's liberating to face a fear head on

  • I want to do it again!

So what was I fearful of? Fear of failure, fear that the video wouldn’t be perfect, fear of the business not working... and I could go on. All these things had stopped me from doing this earlier. So to kickstart my year, I posted my first #FearlessFriday video post.

Susan Jeffers' book "Feel the fear and do it anyway" is something that I have had to embrace since leaving paid employment last year and working for myself. It's about taking responsibility and not blaming anyone else for anything you are being, doing, having, or feeling.

I have heard from many of my clients recently that the COVID-19 uncertainty in their lives is debilitating. This type of uncertainty can be paralysing and it can limit the quality of the decisions you make and send you further into a negative spiral.

So right now, we have fear, opportunities and different possibilites. But to take advantage of opportunities and do something different, it may require us to be courageous.

How do we develop the courage to do these things? Courage is one of those things that we don't know we have until we really need it. Until you are backed into a corner and it is required.

What if you flipped your view of the situation and looked at your crisis from a different point of view? Have you been in a similar situation before, what did you do then, can you apply these lessons and do it again or in a similar way? This is one way to build resilience.

Our thoughts are the language of the brain and our feelings are the language of the body. So that means what we think and how we feel about it creates our personal reality. In that fearful, scared state, you create more of the current state.

If you are feeling like this, you are now at a crossroads to make massive shifts in your outlook. We don't usually do this inner work until we really need to. Now may be that time!

Here's some tips to try so that you can lead yourself and the communities around you.

  • Daily meditation - this has scientifically proven to help reduce stress. Try my "Believe in Yourself"

  • Be blear and describe your compelling future - it needs to be so exciting to elevate your emotions

  • Trust you are where you are supposed to be. Include "The universe has my back" in your daily affirmations. There's more affirmations here.

  • Back yourself - you have amazing skills and talents. What will you tap into to get through this? You have so many resources at your finger tips.

If you want some help through this process, my modality enables you to release all that holds you back from the level of mind, body and spirit, in just one session. It's that transformative. I’m also aligned with the conscious change leadership concept and I believe to be a truly mindful leader, you need to be conscious of all aspects of you. We work on all these together.

  • Mentally

  • Emotionally

  • And spiritually

So if you want to be more than where you are now, or you know someone who would like to know more, please contact me.

In love and light


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