Why do we find it hard to accept compliments?

Contrary to their intended effect, compliments make some people feel uncomfortable. Why is that? There are numerous possibilities for this.

Here's 2 of the most common reasons.

.Why is this topic so important? Why does it matter to us as spiritual beings?

Not accepting compliments can be an indicator of a spiritual misalignment, an underlying belief that you aren't good enough for the praise. It also doesn't allow the other person to give freely. When a compliment is given with sincerity, it is a blessing on both sides.

What can you do about this?

There's 3 simple steps that you can take action on today.

So today, enjoy the giving and receiving of compliments which is truly a gift that costs nothing more than a kind heart. If you notice this in others around you, encourage them to find the gift in giving and receiving compliments with sincerity.

If you feel that there is an area you would like to explore more, maybe a CTC session would be helpful. Simply contact me for a complimentary conversation.

You've got this!


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