What is Spiritual Healing?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Spiritual health can be challenging to define but I consider it when the human spirit / soul experiences wholeness. The act of wellness should not be underestimated. With high levels of spiritual wellness, you may experience increased physical, social, and emotional health. While religion and prayer may be the most obvious components of spiritual health, holistically there are also broader concepts such as hope, purpose and peace.

At the root of most chronic physical, mental and emotional illness is a wound of the spirit / soul. If we are disconnected from our purpose, we are severed from our well-being. The human psyche is phenomenal as people ‘manage’ to overcome a dis-empowered experience in their lives. This can be an effective coping strategy BUT to ‘heal’ these experiences is life altering.

Are you feeling this way?

Energy healing works on the belief that when you are connected to your central source of energy, your creative ability is released and enhanced. In this space, you experience being in ‘flow’. In this space you experience peace, harmony, happiness, fulfilment, contentment and magic!

Positive Psychology talks about what contributes to flourishing.

  • Positive emotions

  • Engagement with your life and our work

  • Good relationships of connection, love, physical and emotional contact

  • Meaning and purpose in your life

  • Accomplishment of your goals and ambitions – enough to give a sense of achieving e.g. ‘I did it’.

Do you "flourish" across the dimensions above?

Most people fall into three categories where healing is concerned:

  1. The beginner – never experienced healing before but open to exploring

  2. The intermediate – experienced some healing but realised that the odd one-off session is not the quick fix that they were after and realise they need to invest more time into their re-calibration

  3. Advanced – well versed with a cross section of healing modalities but for whatever reason have not experienced the level of transformation that they were after or have been unable to sustain the change.

Whatever category you fit into love to support your awareness of what could be possible for you – so feel free to book in for a 30-minute free healing consultation session to customise the right healing package for you. If you and or someone you know in your network would like to explore healing, then feel free to pay forward this opportunity!

In love and light,


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