The importance of healing mind, body and spirit

As a CTC Master Therapist and Coach I know that our thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. Therefore how you think and how you feel creates your personal reality.

This is such an important concept for all healing. If we believe that we aren't well and we think this with a low energy feeling such as sadness or fear, then we invite that result into our world. What we put out is what we attract back.

Most people have experiences in their life that leave them with emotional scars. These experiences are associated with emotions of fear, anger, bitterness, frustration, insecurity and then these emotions become part of your identify. It's not just the event but the emotional reaction to that past event that causes the lasting damage. Your reaction created a disruption in your energy field that rewired your brain.

You've been operating with this program for so long even when you have the awareness and know better you continue to operate this way. This is because we are layered and although we might know better, the energetic blockages created by the past feelings are still there.

Once you think certain thoughts, it turns on certain circuits in the brain, you may feel insecure and the repetition of this combined feeling and thought over time conditions the body to become the mind of insecurity. Then the person says, 'I am insecure'. This becomes a critical "I am" statement and you are commanding your mind and body towards a future that is defined by your experiences in the past.

This concept is widely taught by Dr Joe Dispenza and he has competed multiple scientific studies to ensure that the data is backed by evidence.

What does this mean for you?

Until you heal that experience and go forward with a belief that things can be different, then you will be locked into a future defined by your past. A CTC session is a kick start that literally rewires your brain. It illumincates the crap and sets you free from the root cause.

If you know that you have experiences in your past that are continually recreating your future AND you want to be more than that, book in now for a 30-minute free consultation session via


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