Have you reached your quota of 'good things' from the universe?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This has been a question I've been asked from a couple of clients this week.

'I've already received so much, it's not right to ask for more?'.

To that I say No! Absolutely you should keep asking! And this isn't just to be self-serving. We are energetic beings living human lives and we are here to learn something and fulfil a purpose. Here to be better people than when we started. As we learn lessons, what we look for in life will change too. Life is meant to be abundant and wealth is designed to allow you to fulfil your purpose on Earth.

Wealth can be many things to many people. This is a critical concept. It includes money (of course) but loads of other things too. Time, freedom, security, self-expression and any other energy which contribute to your personal fulfilment. It is your born right to have wealth however it is important to understand what the wealth is to you. Maybe you don't realise that you are already wealthy!

Wealth is everything we need - materially, spiritually and emotionally - but here's the caveat. It is designed to support you delivering on your purpose on Earth. It is the accumulation of everything we need, want and desire.

Previous clients have had enormous financial wealth but are unhappy within themselves. They are lacking in the other areas of their life. Whereas other people feel enormous wealth but are not financially free. It is important that you work out what drives your wealth.

So what do you do in this place?

The stories you are telling yourself are not serving you and when you know your purpose and you focus on living that amazing life, then you are comfortable asking for whatever you need to be the very best version of you. It isn't just about you personally, but it's the bigger picture.

This is where a CTC (Combined Therapy Cocktail) session can help to clear out the crap stories that you are using to make life altering decisions. This is an area that I specialise in as a CTC Master Therapist and Coach. Everyone can benefit from a coach, whether it is for healing or for achieving a specific goal. A coach helps you to 'cut the crap' and achieve your goals.

If you'd like to know more, please reach out

with love and light,



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