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Three tips to make 2020 YOUR year

Welcome to the new decade of the 2020's.

You may feel that you've slid past Christmas, you've celebrated New Year's Eve with a bang and now you are ready for the year 2020. What's next? How do you make the most of the year ahead?


Here's my 3 tips to kick start your New Year journey.

  1. Know where you are now and where you are going. This sounds simple but how often do we meander our way through the year only to realise we haven't achieved what we wanted. It's not enough to have a goal in your mind and every now and then think about it. You need to write it down, commit it to your vision and work on achieving this vision with small actions.

  2. Be clear on what you believe is stopping you from achieving this now. This will help you see your limiting beliefs. We all have them. These are things such as "I can't do this, I'm not good enough, what if i fail" etc. When you know what they are you can do something about it.

  3. Clearly articular your goal and how you will achieve it. The cure for procrastination is creating small actions that break down the goal. The SMART method by George Doran helps you to clearly state the goal, who will do it and what success looks like. There's been a few adaptions to the model. I like the version below.

S / Specific - clearly define your goal

M / Measurable - be able to assess if you achieve your goal

A / Assignable - specify who will do this

R / Realistic - it aligns with your goals and you have the capability to achieve it

T / Timely - set a deadline

So if you want to be celebrating a year of wins when we hit 1/1/2021, try something new. Here's a template you can use to guide your thinking. Goal Setting Template 2020

Feel free to download and make it your own and then go and smash those goals! The best thing - you can do this for yourself and with your kids. It's really that simple.

If you want some help to do this, feel free to book in for a 30-minute free consultation session via to customise the right coaching or healing package for you. If you and or someone you know in your network would like to explore purpose, then feel free to pay forward this opportunity!

In love and light,



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