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Group Coaching Program

Join a dynamic group of extraordinary individuals who do not wish to be a statistic but who are committed to actualising their dreams as we embark into the New Year.

The 90 Day journey is broken into 3 themes with focus on key topics designed to powerfully support you in your reinvention. Can you imagine the bond created with your fellow participants as you witness each others transformation? 


I am looking for 10 powerfully committed individuals who wish to champion their dreams and actualise them into reality.  The commitment is 3 months.  Applications are OPEN NOW! If you wish to receive a Application Form to assess whether this is the right program for you then click the button below. 

The group is purposely designed to be 'intimate' in nature to ensure personalised support throughout the 3 month experience.

ONLY highly motivated, committed individuals interested in experiencing an unfathomable results personally and professionally need apply.

Starts -  22 October 2020 

Week 1 - CLARITY – You will learn with Crystal Clear Clarity how to develop a robust plan to achieve fastracked results in 90 days

Week 2 - ACCOUNTABILITY – You will learn to be your word in a way that you never have to experience an accountability to yourself that you have never experienced

Week 3 - LIFE PURPOSE – You will learn how to connect in with who you are, what you stand for, in order to identify your life purpose, with renewed passion and excitement

Week 4 – EMBRACE– You will learn how to embrace the challenging conversations, challenging actions needed to start living your life on purpose

Week 5 - MINDFULNESS – You will learn the art of mindfulness and how to navigate the terrain of living and leading an empowered life personally and professionally

Week 6 – MINDSET MASTERY - You will learn HOW to evolve your mindset to match who you need to be being to live your life on purpose

Week 7 - PERSONAL BOUNDARIES – You will learn how to implement personal boundaries to fuel your momentum, critical to achieve exponential results

Week 8 – RESILIENCE - You will learn how to build the resources you need to live and lead a resilient life so that critically needed when championing ones purpose

Week 9 – FLOW – You will learn the importance of accessing your own vortex to experience the art of FLOW in your life

Week 10 - SUCCESS – You will learn to redefine your relationship with what success means for you to FINALLY end the vicious cycle of dissatisfaction

Week 11 – CONGRUENCY - You will learn to live with more congruency and heart centred passion where your purpose truly becomes your ‘true north’

Week 12 - SUSTAINABILITY PLAN - You will learn how to sustain & integrate the changes of this program for the long term

© 2020 Fiona Djapouras , Sydney Australia or Globally via Zoom or Skype 

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