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Group Coaching Program

I am excited to announce the launch of Fiona Djapouras – Living Life on Purpose 90 day Group Coaching Program commencing Saturday, 19 June, 2021. In this program you will learn how to CONNECT to your innate wisdom and True North, EMPOWER yourself to Live Life on Purpose and EVOLVE  to your highest potential in order to experience Exponential Results.

WHO: This program is tailored to support 10 powerfully committed women These extraordinary individuals are women who wish to take control of their lives and remind themselves they are powerful. 

WHY: Women who feel overworked, overwhelmed and disconnected and want to champion their dreams and actualise them into reality and live their life on purpose! This program is designed to lead you through these moments of powerful change. 

WHAT: Your 90 Day journey is broken into 3 themes with focus on key topics designed to powerfully support you in your reinvention. 


DURATION: The commitment is 3 months. 


WHAT'S NEXT: Applications are OPEN NOW! If you wish to know more to assess whether this is the right program for you then click the button or call now. 

The group is purposely designed to be 'intimate' in nature to ensure personalised support throughout the 3 month experience.

ONLY highly motivated, committed individuals interested in experiencing unfathomable results personally and professionally need apply.

Starts -  Saturday 19 June 2021


Week 1 - CRACK THOSE LIMITING BELIEFS – You will experience the clearing of limited beliefs that have held you back from living your best purposeful life. 

Week 2 - FUTURE VISION - You will learn to set your goals and intentions for the program to connect with your dreams and aspirations of a new future. 

Week 3 - MINDFULNESS – You will learn the art of mindfulness and how to navigate the terrain of living and leading an empowered life personally and professionally

Week 4 - ACCOUNTABILITY –  You will learn to transform your relationship with your spoken word thereby experiencing exponential change in your results. 


Week 5 - INNER CRITIC – You will learn to navigate the inner critic using the inner coach to support the journey.

Week 6 - ALIGNMENT - You will learn with clarity what you value in life and how it drives your decisions so that you live in alignment with your values.

Week 7 - KNOWING YOUR WHY – You will learn how to define your WHY so WHAT you do has more impact because you are working towards your purpose and goals with single focused vision.

Week 8 - OVERCOMING OBSTACLES –  You will learn how to build the resources you need to live and lead  a resilient life so critically needed when championing ones’ purpose.


Week 9 - MINDSET MASTERY – You will learn HOW to evolved your mindset to match who you need to be being to live your life on purpose.


Week 10 - PERSONAL BOUNDARIES - You will learn how to honour your personal boundaries to fuel your momentum which is critical to achieving unfathomable results.

Week 11 - FLOW – You will learn the importance of accessing your own vortex to experience the art of FLOW in your life.

Week 12 - SUSTAINABILITY PLAN - You will learn how to sustain & integrate the changes of this program for the long term