I partner with professional women who are overworked, overwhelmed and disconnected from their lives. 
If you feel that you are drifting along, and every day is the same as the day before, our work together will re-energise you to help you step into the life you aspire.
Relaxation Meditation 
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Daily Affirmations
Relax and connect 
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What My Clients Say

 Sarah J's Story

I attended a session with Fiona with an open mind having little knowledge of the therapies involved but knowing that I needed help to get rid of the negative feelings that had been holding me back for years.

Fiona was encouraging, intuitive and thorough in helping me to clear the blockages I had let build up.  I left feeling I had gotten so much off my chest. 

After my CTC session I am better able to cope with daily dramas, new issues and the old issues that try to sneak back.  I have new strategies to help me remain calm and positive.  I feel stronger, happier and freer. 

My family have commented that they like the new me.  Friends too have commented that I seem lighter and yet more grounded.  Above all, I am happier with the new me!

I would thoroughly recommend Fiona to anyone who feels they are carrying baggage that they can’t get rid of, who feel they can’t move forward and who want a more positive future. 

About Me

I’m Fiona Djapouras and I'm an experienced Integrative Mindset Coach. Together we will CONNECT you with your passion, 

EMPOWER you to reclaim your magnificence, and help you EVOLVE your experience of the world.

Your purpose is a master plan for your life. It is the intended result of your focus, determination, and intention.

Purpose is the point of your existence. So, what’s your purpose?


​If you haven’t discovered it yet, I’m here to help you take that journey.

If you already know, I can work with you to live it every day and unleash your unlimited potential.


It’s time to create lasting change.


If you are ready to master your destiny, then book a free 30-minute consultation with me. Trust that you are ready to live the life you were meant to live.