Change either individually or organisationally can be challenging and it's hard to make change stick . Through my experience over many years with organisations such as Qantas and NSW Police, I've found that for people or organisations that need to change, personal coaching empowers individuals to embrace change. 

My approach  to coaching makes change stick because of my unique ability to allow people to be their authentic selves so we can get to the heart of their issues and overcome their barriers to change.


My coaching is a practical intervention that plays a key role in helping managers and leaders explain possible changes facing their teams. I coach their teams to overcome resistance to embrace change and uncertainty which builds improve the capacity of the organisation. 

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Fiona  is a project and change management specialist who knows that coaching is an effective way to bring about long lasting change that sticks. 

The reality is not many people like change, especially when it has been forced upon them and they can't always clearly see the benefit. Resistance may be open or hidden but either way, it can be at the cost of the individual or the organisation and remain an issue for sustaining and embedding change. 

Through my approach to coaching, I help people overcome barriers to change by changing their mindset to one that is more open and more receptive. In this way, people become ready to embrace change and make a personal commitment to move forward in an empowered way.  


This is how I make change stick. 

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To change managers who are trying to embed change, you may be aware of change resistance but aren't sure how to deal with it. I am the change management coach that provides one on one coaching that make changes stick. I work with people to help them feel empowered to embrace change.

I work with Individuals or Organisations for a program of work. 

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